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Event Detail Page (EDP) Deep Link Feature FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: I would like to send a link that promotes an offer for multiple performances.  Can I use deep link to promote an offer for all of a tour's shows and/or multiple dates and times?

A: Not at this time.  Currently, this opportunity is available for individual EDPs only.

Is this opportunity available for "Best Available" events where an ISM is not enabled?

A: Coming soon! This feature will be available on events where an ISM is not turned on or is suppressed. The “overlay” box of the deep linked offer(s) displays the same as on the ISM EDP. 

Q: Can I "test" the deep link URL in advance?

A: Since the offer must be on sale for the deep link to work, advance testing is not available.  In the event that the offer is not enabled, no offers meet the URL criteria, or the appended URL link's parameters do not exist, the fan is taken to the regular EDP.  

Q: How is this different than a DID (discreet ID)?

A: There are two main differences.  First, unlike discreet ID pages, the deep linked EDP still allows the fan to view and purchase non-advertised offers at any time.  While it highlights the promoted offer, the customer can click "No Thanks" or click on ISM seats that are available for purchase of another offer.  Second, the standard EDP is not "missing" offers that are advertised using deep link EDP, whereas discreet IDs are published solely on the discreet ID page and not made public on the standard EDP.

Q: I have already programmed a deep link URL.  However, after onsale I noticed that the link is sending fans to the regular EDP.  What went wrong?

A: A variety of factors could have caused this result.  If the offer is no longer enabled for sale, no offers meet the URL criteria, or the appended URL link's parameters do not exist, the customer is taken to the regular EDP.  For example, VIP packages are sold out and no longer enabled.

For questions, contact your Ticketmaster National Tour Marketing Specialist or e-mail TourMarketing@ticketmaster.com

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